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Emergencies at sea can have disastrous consequences but being prepared for different scenarios can make all the difference. With CFM Emergencies, we are giving you the tool to provide your crew with detailed instructions to respond effectively in a real emergency. In line with both SOLAS and MARPOL, CFM Emergencies lets you define different categories of emergencies and their corresponding tasks as well as to define if they are mandatory or not. The respective location on board where the task needs to be carried out can be defined as well. Making sure that your crew is immediately aware of what to do and where to go.

Each task can be allocated to specific seafarers and if a mandatory task has not been assigned, the system will automatically highlight this. If one of your crew members with an assigned duty will be disembarking soon, the system will alert you to select a new assignee.

For cases where the crew needs to abandon ship, CFM Emergencies enables you to centrally manage all lifeboats of your vessel and assign your crew members to them. The system automatically checks that no lifeboat is overbooked and highlights any conflicts on the dashboard. Ensuring that an evacuation can be carried out well- arranged and quickly.

When selecting a lifeboat, you immediately see its location and get a listed overview of all seafarers that have been assigned, their date of embarkation and disembarkation as well as their rank and cabin number. This allows a fast overview and offers the possibility to reorganise if only a specific assortment of ranks should be allocated to each lifeboat.

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