Keep your supplies in check

With equipment and supplies spread across a fleet of vessels, it can be complicated to always keep track of what you have got in stock. Many times, this means that companies waste a lot of money simply because they oversupply to be prepared for any case – even though there might already be a large stock of specific supplies.

With CFM Inventory you will save valuable resources and money by always exactly knowing what you have available and where it is located.

CFM Inventory allows you to keep track of all equipment, materials or supplies in stock on individual vessels. To enhance clarity, you can easily define various storage locations on board your vessels and categorise your stock, either by using pre-defined categories from settings or by simply specifying your own on the fly. While creating your catalogue of inventory items, you can determine default values for minimum and maximum quantity of items to immediately get notified if the number has been exceeded or fallen below. This can be done both in the office as well as on board.

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