Your starting point for a successful day

With the Portal, all your employees have access to one central source of information. Every onshore user has a clear dashboard view of the latest and most important information on staff, departments and ships right at the beginning of the workday. Whether it’s a crew change, expired certificate or staff absence, you can efficiently identify critical incidents and prioritise your response. Acting as your starting point for all other modules, the Portal ensures a successful start of your day.

The latest and most important information at a glance

General information like the world clock, current absences or birthdays are shown. Furthermore, internal news can be displayed optionally.

The news feed can be individually personalised. For this, key words can be defined and matching posts are shown.

Fleet news at a glance

The dashboard provides a summary of nearly all fleet relevant information – especially pending events like crew changes, overdue vessel visits or expired certificates.

Fast access to all vessel details

Detailed information of all vessels of the fleet, i. a. measurements, displacement, capacities or communication details. Cross-modular information like crew data or offhires can be looked at as well.

Comprehensive reports

A variety of reports evaluate information tabularly and offer a short overview of relevant data. The reports in the dashboard involve human resources, fleet or KPI.

CFM Go for iOS and Android

CFM Go makes sure that you won't miss any important event and enables you to access all data from CFM Portal comfortably on the move using your smartphone. Always be aware of recent activities, immediately gain insights into the statuses of your vessels, news of the fleet or access any other information from the Portal.

Say good bye to tedious communication processes to exchange information, simply open CFM Go and you are all set.

Want a clear overview of all our apps for smartphones and tablets? Download our Cloud Fleet Manager mobile apps fact sheet.

CFM Go for AndroidCFM Go for iOS


All employees have insight into relevant information. No more tedious searching or asking for information.


All you need to know summarised in the Portal.


All important information at a glance.

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