OSM Maritime Group chooses Cloud Fleet Manager

The goal of this investment is to speed up processes, increase data quality and optimize communications with clients.

We are happy to announce that the shipping company OSM Maritime Group has been using the Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) since September 2017 as part of its company-internal digitization strategy. The goal of this investment is, as part of continuous innovation, to speed up internal processes, increase overall data quality and availability, as well as to increase connectivity and optimize communication with its customers.

For this purpose, the internationally operating company will use the CFM Portal as a central data and information platform. Due to the large number of open interfaces of the flexible platform, secondary systems and decentralized data storage systems are to be replaced. This decision aims to harmonize and accelerate access to and exchange of information. For example, data from various external applications is aggregated in the Portal and made available to all employees at a central location. As a result, the modern company can not only speed up the process of information retrieval and forwarding, but also ensures that uniform and detailed data sets are available at all times. With more than 11,000 globally distributed employees, it was particularly important for the company to interlink these optimally among each other, thus further strengthening the respectful and collaborative interaction with each other. Since the CFM is cloud-based, a uniform data basis can be used and accessed independently of location and time. This modern approach brings a special additional value. Not only because the employees are able to interact in an intelligent way, but also because there is no more need to manually request and forward information. The company is committed to the optimization of processes and the creation of interactive, virtual teams to meet the requirements of the maritime industry.

In order to continuously offer its customers first-class services and to integrate them more closely, the company has also decided to introduce the CFM Partner Portal. This means that customers will be able to access information relevant to them, such as fleet schedules or other relevant operating data, at any time. In accordance with the company's "always-on" mentality, customers can access up-to-date information 24 hours a day. With this decision, the company remains faithful to its principle of offering high-quality and reliable services to its customers and enabling them to concentrate on their core business. In this context, the modernization of the processes should, in addition to a reduction of the communication effort, especially lead to increased transparency.


With the introduction of the Cloud Fleet Manager, the company deliberately chooses a new generation of fleet management. Björn Sprotte, Managing Director of the Technical Management & Services division since half a year, explains the decision for the Cloud Fleet Manager:

"Many shipping companies have been stuck in the past due to their adherence to antiquated processes and software solutions. Especially in the course of the increasing digitalization, it is important to adapt to the changing events and requirements of the market and not only to react, but also to develop innovations together with partners. I am therefore particularly happy that we have found a strong strategic partner in Hanseaticsoft, which supports us with its innovative and trend-setting software applications to optimize everyday processes and to make them more efficient. We particularly appreciate the fact that we, as a customer, are in close contact with the developers, our requirements and wishes are addressed and we are actively involved in further developments and extensions of the applications. "

Mr Alexander Buchmann and Mr Bjoern Sprotte

Additionally, the field of inspections is undergoing further modernization. In the future, the Inspection Report App will be used in order to no longer rely on pen, paper and camera. With this, it is possible to perform the entire process completely digitally, simply and quickly on the smartphone or tablet. Especially the possibility to create questionnaires directly on the smartphone, to fill them out and then synchronize the results with the office, convinced the company.

"The reliable exchange of information and the rapid provision of all relevant data for the responsible persons enables processes to be accelerated rapidly and reduces additional work and expenses. This is particularly important to meet the growing requirements of digitalization and the need to optimize business processes, " said Steffen Tunge, Managing Director of OSM Ship Management Singapore.

With this decision, OSM Maritime Group sets an example for the company's future-oriented, modern and innovative approach. A subset of all the 500 vessels managed by the company that is supervised by the technical management, is initially equipped with the software.

by Maximilian Hagemann
on October 1, 2017